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How and Why To Find a Career Mentor

Executive Director of Fuller Careers and Personal Development

How and Why To Find a Career Mentor

Welcome to a guide to finding the right vocational mentor and to being the best mentee. By the end, expect to understand the importance of mentors as you delve into your career; learn how to find an appropriate mentor for you; and to understand the guidelines for successful mentorship and what you can gain from a mentoring relationship. Brought to you by Fuller Careers and Personal Development.

Note: We realize everyone is at a different place and pace in their career search process. Some are looking for their first career job while others have tremendous work experience and are making a career shift. Before beginning, quickly review each section. Based on your review, you can determine if this material (or parts of it) will address your specific needs. We hope that the variety of our offerings will meet your career needs throughout various stages of your journey.

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Executive Director of Fuller Careers and Personal Development

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